Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Milk Crate Centers

So we are trying this new system that I have made up. I was feeling very overwhelmed teaching four different grade levels in one day. So now I am doing it in style.

Every morning when the kids wake up they have a clipboard with their agenda sheet waiting for them on it. It reminds them of their morning chores and it has their goals of what I want to see them accomplish in school that day. Plus there is a reading log on each of their clipboards.

Everyday we have 4 centers. Math, Reading, Spelling, and ?. 

 The ? crate will hold something different everyday. Last week I had one of the girls bake a cake for her ? crate. Today they are going to finish putting together their AWANA’s Grand Prix cars. It is not always a craft sometimes I have them write letters or make up a story.

So far it has worked very well. The kids love waking up and knowing what is going to happen that day. Their attitudes also have improved tremendously.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Daytona International Speedway

Today we went to Daytona International Speedway as our Friday field trip!! This was so exciting for the kids and me because I am a huge NASCAR fan.
When we arrived I think I was more excited than the kids were…lol. We were taken on a 90 minute tour. The tour included a behind the scenes look of what goes on at Daytona International Speedway on race day. We toured the drivers meeting room, NASCAR Print Cup Series Garages, Gatorade Victory Lane, and go inside of one of the suites in the grand stands which is 7 stories high. The suite had a gorgeous view.
This was a very good tour and I would highly recommend it to any NASCAR fan young or old.
We had a blast. I let each of the kids have a camera at point or another during the day. It was amazing looking through the pictures and seeing it through their eyes.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

Today is Election day!!!

I wanted to teach the kids what election day is and why we have it. So all day we did things that related to electing our President.

I found a video on YouTube called Electing a US President in Plain English which was very informative. It was also very kid friendly and it explained it on their level.

Then I found a map of the US and an Electoral Tracking sheet on Daze of Adventure's blog.

I gave each kid a red and blue color crayon and we turned on the news and colored in our states as they were announced.

Now as we all know not all the states report right away so I recorded the news and we went over the rest the next morning.

Honestly I learned a lot by doing this with the kids. It was a lot of fun.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Publix Tour

Today we went to Publix at Hollieanna for a tour. I was honestly very pleasantly surprised at how well of a tour they gave. Our first stop was at the Bakery where they handed out hair nets and gloves and let all the kids decorate their own cookies.

Then we went to the deli. At each department someone from that department came out spoke to the kids and told them what they do in that department. Did you know that they make their own organic peanut butter. It is yummy!!! We ended up buying some at the end of the tour.

After the deli department we headed over to the produce department. I did not know that they will cut any produce you want for you to try so that you know they carry quality foods. Today they showed us how they peel and core a pineapple in one swoop.
Next was the meat department. Of course the first thing the kids see is the lobster tank. One of the gentlemen came out and scooped out a lobster for all the kids to touch.  The kids got a lobster water bath as it splashed its way out of the tank. After the lobster was safely put back the kids and I learned that they cut fresh meat every single night. Then they handed all the kids some beef jerky…lol!
Next we checked out the BIG freezer where they keep all the overflow. The kids also got to see how the unload a truck and put all the boxes where they belong.
Next we headed over to the pharmacy. Honestly not much to see here but the lady’s were very nice.

We were now at the end of the tour where they sat the kids down and told them a little about customer service and then gave each one a goodie bag with popcorn, a banana, and a coloring book with crayons.
We really enjoyed our tour and now have a bigger appreciation for the Publix company.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Festival

The community that we live in is always doing really nice get togethers. So for Halloween they did a fall festival with face painting, balloon atritst, and food. The kids had a great time and it was very low key which is something I am all about.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Doglando University

Today we went on a field trip to Doglando University. Now when I signed up for this event I thought we were going to an animal rescue shelter. I was very wrong. Doglando is a doggie day care. When we arrived there was one major thing I noticed right away. NO BARKING!!!!!! As we gather the group the owner comes over and starts going over the rules and tells a little about her establishment. When she got to the part that there was 54 dogs there that day I had to shake my head and ask her to repeat. Yes, I heard right. FIFTY-FOUR dogs and NO BARKING!!!! Amazing was the only thing I was thinking.

When we went outside all the dogs where outside playing in the beach area. They have a little over 3 acres to run free. It was a gorgeous 3 acres also. Now I would have thought that the moment 20 kids stepped near them that they would start barking, but there was not one woof.

She had the kids walk around the area a couple of times so the dogs could sniff their scent. Then she had the kids point out what dogs they thought didn't want to be messed with. She also told the kids that if the dog approaches them and jumps they were to freeze and look up and the dog would go away. It actually worked. I was so amazed.

As we were leaving the owner showed us her goats. When we walked around the corner we saw 2 goats and a duck running towards us. Yes, you read it right a duck. The duck literally thought that he was a goat. He was raised with the goats so he acts like them. He eats grass and head butts just like the goats. It was hilarious.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away Experiment

Today we went over for our weekly visit at Mrs. Kelly's house. The kids love visiting with Mrs. Kelly. She always has a cool game, experiment, or some activity for the kids to do. Today was not different than any other day. Today we watched a tutorial video on how to make rain catchers and how you have to chose the right one to measure the rain.

 The best part was when we gathered all the kids with a tray full of different containers and headed to the shower.

Two of the kids got in the back part of the shower.

 while the other three watched from outside.

 Mrs. Kelly had a shower head that was attached to a hose so she was in control of that.

Right as she was turning on the water I began to say(but did not get out in time) that she should make sure she has the overhead head turned off and only have the hose on. Just then she was getting a nice cold shower. I was laughing so hard I was unable to get a picture at the right moment but I did get the aftermath.......

 After all the fun in the shower we headed to the table to measure our water.