Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away Experiment

Today we went over for our weekly visit at Mrs. Kelly's house. The kids love visiting with Mrs. Kelly. She always has a cool game, experiment, or some activity for the kids to do. Today was not different than any other day. Today we watched a tutorial video on how to make rain catchers and how you have to chose the right one to measure the rain.

 The best part was when we gathered all the kids with a tray full of different containers and headed to the shower.

Two of the kids got in the back part of the shower.

 while the other three watched from outside.

 Mrs. Kelly had a shower head that was attached to a hose so she was in control of that.

Right as she was turning on the water I began to say(but did not get out in time) that she should make sure she has the overhead head turned off and only have the hose on. Just then she was getting a nice cold shower. I was laughing so hard I was unable to get a picture at the right moment but I did get the aftermath.......

 After all the fun in the shower we headed to the table to measure our water.

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