Friday, October 12, 2012

Doglando University

Today we went on a field trip to Doglando University. Now when I signed up for this event I thought we were going to an animal rescue shelter. I was very wrong. Doglando is a doggie day care. When we arrived there was one major thing I noticed right away. NO BARKING!!!!!! As we gather the group the owner comes over and starts going over the rules and tells a little about her establishment. When she got to the part that there was 54 dogs there that day I had to shake my head and ask her to repeat. Yes, I heard right. FIFTY-FOUR dogs and NO BARKING!!!! Amazing was the only thing I was thinking.

When we went outside all the dogs where outside playing in the beach area. They have a little over 3 acres to run free. It was a gorgeous 3 acres also. Now I would have thought that the moment 20 kids stepped near them that they would start barking, but there was not one woof.

She had the kids walk around the area a couple of times so the dogs could sniff their scent. Then she had the kids point out what dogs they thought didn't want to be messed with. She also told the kids that if the dog approaches them and jumps they were to freeze and look up and the dog would go away. It actually worked. I was so amazed.

As we were leaving the owner showed us her goats. When we walked around the corner we saw 2 goats and a duck running towards us. Yes, you read it right a duck. The duck literally thought that he was a goat. He was raised with the goats so he acts like them. He eats grass and head butts just like the goats. It was hilarious.

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