Monday, October 29, 2012

Publix Tour

Today we went to Publix at Hollieanna for a tour. I was honestly very pleasantly surprised at how well of a tour they gave. Our first stop was at the Bakery where they handed out hair nets and gloves and let all the kids decorate their own cookies.

Then we went to the deli. At each department someone from that department came out spoke to the kids and told them what they do in that department. Did you know that they make their own organic peanut butter. It is yummy!!! We ended up buying some at the end of the tour.

After the deli department we headed over to the produce department. I did not know that they will cut any produce you want for you to try so that you know they carry quality foods. Today they showed us how they peel and core a pineapple in one swoop.
Next was the meat department. Of course the first thing the kids see is the lobster tank. One of the gentlemen came out and scooped out a lobster for all the kids to touch.  The kids got a lobster water bath as it splashed its way out of the tank. After the lobster was safely put back the kids and I learned that they cut fresh meat every single night. Then they handed all the kids some beef jerky…lol!
Next we checked out the BIG freezer where they keep all the overflow. The kids also got to see how the unload a truck and put all the boxes where they belong.
Next we headed over to the pharmacy. Honestly not much to see here but the lady’s were very nice.

We were now at the end of the tour where they sat the kids down and told them a little about customer service and then gave each one a goodie bag with popcorn, a banana, and a coloring book with crayons.
We really enjoyed our tour and now have a bigger appreciation for the Publix company.

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