Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Prom Dress shopping

Our exchange student Mia is getting ready for her very first Prom here in America. She is so excited. Today we decided to START looking for a prom dress. When we set out on our journey I honestly thought we would be going to dozens of stores and not buying a dress today. Boy was I worng about all the above. We went to one store and found a dress. Now it took 2 hours in a small dressing room trying on THOUSANDS of dresses, but she made a choice. A good choice in my opinon. I made her keep a top three and if she tried on a dress that she felt was better than one of the three than she would replace it. Here are the top three she chose from:

Can you guess which one she picked????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

If you guess the first one which is a gorgeous blue dress than you are right:)

Today was lots of fun. Hannah was with us and was so cute helping pick out dresses. She also got new flip flops. She is such a shoe girl!!!!!!

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