Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bitter Sweet

The title barely does this past weekend any justice. My week started with my mom coming for a visit on Tuesday. She left Friday morning and Tim's parents came in Friday afternoon. Tim has not seen nor talked to his parents in almost 3 years. So this was a very huge ordeal. I was so proud that he decided to stay and have dinner with them. We had a good visit. It was good to see Tim talking to them and holding a pleasant conversation with them.

Tim's parents left Saturday morning after a big breakfast at Waffle House.

After that we had to take our exchange student to the airport. Mia has been with us for the enitre school year. She has been such a learning experience. We are really going to miss her. As we got to the airport everyone was fine. But when the time for Mia to go through the gate where we were no longer allowed to go with her the tears started.

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