Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Presents

Out of nowhere I hear screaming THERE IS A BIG BOX AT THE FRONT DOOR!!!!!! Honeslty 99% of the time there is a box of any kind at our door it is for the kids and they know it. Today was no different than any other day the box was from grandmom and granddad full of awesome things for the kids.

So all the kids have their packages and I let them open them all at once. They are all so excited and then you hear A.J. say "there is no way I am wearing that" when I looked over somehow his name was on his sisters packaage and her on his. So they quickly switched. All the girls got these gorgeous sun type dresses. My mom always gets the cutest things and just the right colors too. A.J. got some awesome clothes too. All the kids got some sunglasses and Mia got this gorgeous scarf. 

Thank you Grandmom and Granddad!!!!! We love you and miss you!!!!!!

 Talking to Grandmom and Granddad telling them thank you!

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